PIFRA New Vendor Information & Forms AGPR [2020]

PIFRA New Vendor InformationPIFRA vendor change over the passage of time. Basically, he is one of the government employees who has been uploaded their documents in the downloading section.

AGPR which stands for Accountant General Pakistan Revenue is responsible for the consolidation and association of summarized financial auditing information made by the federal self-counting entities. And also summarize accounting and responsible for reporting federal transactions.

Accountant General Pakistan Revenue main preps receive an account from DAOs and also complete reports of that account.

Form complete information and consolidation of monthly accounts the National bank of Pakistan and federal government treasuries provide accounts to the federal finance division.

New Vendor Form

PIFRA vendor new form for the individual, firm, company, and individual business is uploaded in the downloading section. Where you have a complete facility to click on the form and download and fill for the creation of new vendors or updates.

Guide For PIFRA Vendor Form
In the same downloading section of the official website you also get Vendor form for government employees and servants. Just fill the form according to attached the documents mentioned on the form.

Vendor Information System

A vendor information system is a part of PIFRA. The basic purpose is to pay the government bills through the accounting office with the help of vendor no. Whenever you pay your bills than attached the copy of vendor information along with your bills.

The controller general of accounts in Pakistan basically provides you complete information regarding vendor no, name, and bank information. Now, follow the step by step guide to get vendor information.

  • First, open the vendor information system
  • Then first fill the field with your province code that is mentioned on the form.
  • F for federal, P for Punjab, B For Baluchistan, N for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and DGP for district government Punjab.
  • Then enter your CNIC if you are individual. Otherwise, enter your STN number if you are from any company.
  • Now, click on the search button.
  • In the below field of the form, you will get the vendor no, name, bank information.
  • Then print and attached with your bills.

This is the simple step by step guide through you will be able to get the vendor information.

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