PIFRA Salary Slip & Pay Slip Registration Online 2020

PIFRA Salary SlipPIFRA Salary Slip or PIFRA Pay Slip is basically the payment records of any employee who is working with any Government Finance department. The salary slip is basically a complete detailed record of an employee who is working with the company. The statement including who is working, where he/she is working, the time period, and the monthly payments that he/she earns.

A payslip is most important for an employee as the complete statement of their payments and working information is attached to it along with the monthly payments. So, that we can say that an employee knows better about it and its importance.

Pifra Salary Slip

Particularly in the salary slip information is about the monthly payments is attached that an employee earns per month. And this earing is always from its company where the employee is working.

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Today here I am going to describe PIFRA Salary slip, pay slip, various ways to get pay slip, how to get registered, and how to get salary slip, and a lot of other information regarding PIFRA for the employees.

What Is PIFRA Salary Slip?

As you know that PIFRA’s basic purpose is to digitalize the financial system for the institutions for its employees by the governments. Now, employees get their monthly salary slip of payments or their monthly earning on an email account that is associated with PIFRA Registration. This system generates the slip and sends it automatically.

PIFRA official website is www.pifra.gov.pk which started this project to improve and emphasize the computerized projects. Salary slip is a record of payments of an employee that is issued by its company. Now, everyone would be able to get online their salary slips.

Salary Slip Format In Pakistan

There are basically two formats of salary slip in Pakistan with PIFRA for the employees. One is associated with the private sector and another one is with the government sector employees.

Both sectors either the private and government can get salary slip and payslip either directly or online. But we see that most in the government sector employees prefer to get salary slip online via email. Because this is a far better and convenient way other than standing in a queue and wasting a lot of time.

Pay Slip Complete Guide!

To earn money is not so easy for anyone especially in Pakistan. An employee who gets work done over 7 days of a week rarely 9 AM to 5 PM knows the value of payslip that they will get after work done.

Attention! Complete Guide For PIFRA Pay Slip
Pay slip is basically showing the sum of earing of an employee over a month. Instead of salary slip which basically reveals the complete detail about its workplace to monthly payments. Once the employee works hard with the patient and then feels pleasure to get their PIFRA monthly salary slips.

Types Of Pay Slip:

Other than salary slip which basic purpose to keep track of all the records of salary and overcome the hurdles and obstacles on the way.
There are basically three types of PIFRA payslips for the employees.

  • Monthly Pay Slips
  • Employee Pay Slip
  • Online PIFRA Salary Slip

Monthly Pay Slip

The rewards of employee hard-working over the cycle of 30 days that he work are basically known as monthly pay slip. As you know that employee gets their salary on the base of monthly payments. This reliable method is working almost at everyplace for the employees.

Now, PIFRA sending monthly pay slip online to its registered employee via email. That you can check every month by just login to the email account and open the email that is associated with PIFRA monthly pay slip.

Employee Pay Slip

Employee payslip is basically a payment receipt that every employee gets after work done either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as a reward of work done. When an employee completes its job task then receive payment receipt or payslip.

When an employee works hard and completes its job task then in return they get the payment. This payment is based on the exchange of his/her services for the company. Underline the company rules they release the payment slip for their employees as soon as possible.

Salary Slip

Government of Pakistan takes this step of PIFRA for improvement of their system and save a lot of times of their employees. PIFRA salary slip is one of the complete detail of employee payments that they get on a monthly basis. This system is created by the PIFRA to send a salary slip via email.

If you want to get your salary slip online. Then first browse the official website of PIFRA then complete the registration process make sure all the information that you enter is correct. After on a monthly basis, you will get PIFRA Salary Slip online.

How Can I Get Salary Slip From Pifra?

PIFRA is one of the very amazing initiatives by the government of Pakistan. You can easily get your salary slip from Pifra just register with it and get your slip automatically online via email account.

How Can I Check My Salary Slip Online?

Once you have registered with PIFRA project online salary slip. Then you will get the email on a monthly basis. Just log into your email account via your username and password that is correct and the account should be associated with PIFRA. Then check the mail accordingly.

How Can I Register for Salary Slip?

There is a complete process for registration on this site’s first page. Once you follow step by step guide than can easily register. You have to follow the simple steps that are given below.

  • First, open the website official for PIFRA
  • Then check the requirements that are mandatory to register
  • Fill the form with associated codes and information
  • Then verify your information
  • Login to your email account and check the detail


The complete post is about salary slip and payslip of PIFRA. Here we completely define each and everything that is necessary. I hope with our guide you might be able to find the salary slip online and get payslip via email.

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