PIFRA Budget | DDO Budget Expenditure [Monthly Basis 2020]

PIFRA BudgetPIFRA is one of the projects of the government of Pakistan to improve the financial and auditing system in our country. This Project to Improve Financial and Auditing system (PIFRA) in Pakistan now has completely computerized their audition and financial system. PIFRA Budget & PIFRA DDO Budget Exp are also a part of this project.

Drawing and Distributing Officers which is known as DDO Budget Expenditures in which all the allowances for the government employees are discloses. And the government employees including all the teachers, doctors, army, and government office employees.

PIFRA DDO Monthly Expenditure | DDO Budget

As we already discussed the PIFRA project’s purpose is to improve and emphasize the financial and auditing system in Pakistan. And this project’s Drawing and Distributing Officer’s completion cost is Rs.5533 million which is announced by the Government of Pakistan Economy.

PIFRA DDO Monthly Expenditure

In this PIFRA DDO Budget, you will be able to get and check the complete detail regarding your salary allowances, your monthly allowances, and the monthly allowances including transport, education, and all other audits that government employees will get the detail from PIFRA DDO budget.

Benefits Of  DDO Budget Exp

PIFRA is not only facilitating as PIFRA Budget Check but you will get a lot of other features from this project. But you also get a digital salary slip on your email address that is associated with this account. If you are still unaware of PIFRA registration. Then first register with the official website. Then step by step process is mentioned hereafter benefits part.

The Benefits of PIFRA DDO Budget Exp Are Given Below:

  • Home Rend Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Special Allowance

Home Rent Allowance | DDO Budget

Now, the government employees have a big opportunity of home rent allowance to pay for your house or home rent. If you are a government employee then you are free to pay your monthly rent expenditure. Because the government will pay your all rent expenses. For rent expenses, you can claim on PIFRA at the end of the year.

Medical Allowance

Government of Pakistan giving surety of health insurance regardless of their income and another medical history. Every employee can take the benefits of this feature of DDO Ber. Where each government of Pakistan employees can get the free medical allowance as Rs. 1250 per month and Rs. 15000 per year.

Travel Allowance

From the workplace to residential place there is no legal minimum distance is measured. That’s why collective one transport for all employees regardless of how minimum distance allows you to take the benefits of this allowance.

During your travels, you can take advantage of PIFRA Budget for travel. In only in local cities now the government will bear your travel expenses. And you don’t need to get worried about the travel expense.

Monthly Salary Slip Registration

To facilitate and take benefits of all the allowances that the government allows and provide you. You should apply for it like in house rent allowance you can apply at the end of the year through the use of PIFRA. However, other benefits that you can take from PIFRA is to get the pay and salary slip.

Guide For Salary Slip Registration Process
Now, you only need to first register with PIFRA and get the monthly salary slip on your email account. The documents that are mandatory for registration are mentioned below.
  • Full employee name
  • CNIC Number
  • Your home address
  • Email address
  • Employee ID
  • Phone Number
To get the complete process and step by step guide that how to register. Then visit our site https://pifrahelp.info.

Features Of PIFRA Budget Monthly Expenditure

The features that PIFRA Budget gives you to the government employees are updated here. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. You will get the updated detail of your budget
  2. Get the updated list of expenses values
  3. You can check your monthly allowances
  4. Know about your annual tax values
  5. Get your monthly salary slip online

If you want to take benefits of all these features that PIFRA DDO Budget given the government employees. Then go and register with. To get more detail about PIFRA don’t forget to read all the blog posts of this site. Thanks.

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