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The fundamental purpose behind the establishment of this site is to provide complete information to the government employees regarding the program PIFRA (Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing). Here we will guide the government employees in the process of registration with PIFRA and completing the sign-up process. Basically PIFRA program helps the government employees in delivering finance and auditing systems completely on the internet.

Most of the employees still unaware of the process of how to get registered with PIFRA and how to check their salary slips. To create a step by step guide that would help them in subscribing to PIFRA email is a basic purpose of this site.

The visitors to this site are means a lot to us. That’s why here we update the complete information for our visitors that help them to easily subscribe. We update this site over time and publish the updated news that we get from the government. By connecting to this site surely you will get a lot of benefits as we are always ready to provide you information that is latest and updated.

PIFRA is the biggest project by the government of Pakistan for its employees to improve the financial system and auditing system in our country. Complete financial and auditing system is online that is error-free and completely accurate. For the well being and benefits of its employees, this is one of the biggest steps.

But the official website is not providing complete information that how to get register and get the PIFRA salary slip online but only get the registration form. The other process information you will get from this site.

Before PIFRA Online salary slip registration employees face a lot of troubles to get their monthly slips by standing in queues. But yet, you will be able to get easily your monthly slip online on your email address and complete statements.

Here on this, we try our best to clarify each and every step with complete instruction and guide. I hope this will help you in registering and getting your payslips.

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