Pifra Free Salary Slip Online Registration [JUNE 2020] – A Complete Guide

Government of Pakistan take a great step for their employees regarding PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online by the department of finance. PIFRA online service that is now available with the name FABS provides the facility of online salary slip registration and the employees will get their monthly salary slip online through their email.

Pifra Salary Slip

Now, government employees receive their monthly salary slip in the Google email box. Before the facility of pifra, it was very hard for people to get their monthly salary by standing in lines, wasting their time, search, and pay everything to their clerk. Instead of that now every employee like doctors, teachers, colleges, officers, or any other government employee can get salary slip online by PIFRA Registration.

If you are a government employee and looking for online PIFRA Salary Slip. But you don’t know how to register and check your online slip information. Then you are at the right place to get a complete step by step guide that we are going to reveal for you in this article. Let’s see the complete procedure of PIFRA Salary Slip Registration.

What Is PIFRA Salary Slip Registration?

Project To Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing which is in short known as “PIFRA”. The basic purpose behind taking this step is to provide a good relief to its employees This program is working with 100% accuracy in providing statements, payslip information, and sending salary to the employees easily without investing a lot of time.

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration

Firstly the Government Of Pakistan started the website as www.pifra.gov.pk payslip registration that is now completely moved on http://www.fabs.gov.pk. FABS which is known as Financial Accounting & Budgeting System provides you a complete user-friendly interface to navigate it and find everything that you want.

The pifra online web portal has complete access to its employee financial account and manages the structure very accurately without any error. The system generates automatically your salary statement and slip and sends it to your email address. For direct salary slip registration, you can visit the page.


Online Pay Slip

As you know that modern technology take place over the old and traditional ways in every field of life either traveling, booking, send money, or anything else is now converted into online through the use of internet and web portals.

It’s a fact now in Pakistan every department is transformed into digitalization and follows the modern technology process. Most of the payments, salaries, wages, and financial records being done through an online system that saves money and time that is a great beneficial point for us.

In Pakistan now financial records or employees are handled by the FABS. Through the use of PIFRA Pay Slip Registration Online now you will be able to download your salary slip in a computerized form that you receive in your email account.

Pay Online

PIFRA Online Salary Slip Registration | Requirements

Now, everyone looking for the easiest step to get their salary at home without investing more time and effort. Register your pay on a monthly basis with PIFRA is really a great step and initiative. To register online is not so difficult.

For registration with PIFRA you have a need to fill the form that requires some personal and account information. Make sure all the information is accurate and real. Here we are going to provide you some requirements that are necessary to go with registration or sign up process. Then with step by step guide, you will be able to complete the procedure.

Requirements For Registrations

  • Your full name
  • CNIC Number
  • Mobile phone number
  • You must have to be Pakistani Government Employee
  • Your province KPK, Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Level of the scale of your government job
  • Government job personal number (ID) or code.

First, make sure you have all this information then go with the step by step process of registration that we below update.

About Registration Form

Once you collect complete information about the PIFRA payslip registration form. Now, it’s time to go with PIFRA Registration Form For Salary Slip.

www.pifra.gov.pk Pay Slip Registration

Once you know about the registration requirement then go with the registration form and fill out it. But the form of registration follow some codes that’s why people get confused

People as you know that the registration process follows all the terminologies that are mentioned above the form. So, first here we discuss the terminologies of PIFRA Registration Form.

Let’s discuss some features defined in terms of code and confusion while registering. Before going with the registration process keep an eye on the below code that is used with the province in the process of PIFRA Salary Slip Registration.

Province Code
District Government PunjabDGP
Gilgit BaltistanGB
Kashmir CouncilK
District Government KPKDGN

How To Register With PIFRA Registration Salary Slip?

Once you know about the PIFRA Registration Form For Payslip, requirements, and codes about that are necessary to know for a registration form. Now, it’s time to register with PIFRA with our step by step guide.

  • First, open the website “pifra.gov.pk” that redirects you to another page of FABS.
  • Now, click on the “Service” from the menu and go with submenu “Online Salary Slip/Pension Slip”.
  • After that, you will reach on the registration form.
  • Now, fill the form with the information that we already discussed in the required part.
  • First select your regional government code like Punjab, Sindh, etc.
  • After that select the Employee personal ID.
  • Now, put your NIC or CNIC number.
  • In the next filed put the Date of Birth after CNIC number with the format DD/MM/YY.
  • In the last enter your personal mobile phone number.

This is the simple and easiest way to register yourself with PIFRA Salary Slip Registration.

How To Complete Sign Up Process?

After completion of the above all steps, you basically send your complete information to the Pifra website. But the signup process is still not completed. After completing the above step you see that message as “Please Click Here to Complete the Verification of giving Information”.

At this time if your entire information is correct then ask you to enter your email address and then confirm your email by entering again. Then click on the “Submit” button.

Now, the entire registration process for payslip is completed successfully. Yet, you will get the monthly salary slip on your email address.

How Can I Check Salary Slip Duplicate Account?

It is impossible to create a duplicate account with the same user’s information that you already use to create a form. But still, if you are confused or want to check your duplicate account with the same information. Then follow the step that we going to mentioned above.

  • First, open the website and PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Page as we mentioned in the above process.
  • Fill out the form with the same information that you already used.
  • Now, submit the information.
  • If you get the message “Already Register To this account”.

After that just check your email and go with the old information.

How Do I Get My Payslip?

All the register employees with PIFRA who must be a government employee will receive Salary Slip every month in your Gmail account. Monthly basis salary, salary statements, and salary slips are automatically sent to your account.

You only need to open the Gmail account that is associated with the PIFRA registration and check the mail of salary slip.

If due to any error you would not receive your mail of PIFRA Salary Slip. Then you need to double-check your email account. If it is the same as your register with it. You can check it through the use of two methods.

Use A Mail For Customer Support As:
Or Call With The Number Of PIFRA Service:
+92- 51-9107248

How To Change Email ID?

Whenever an employee registers with PIFRA Salary Slip Registration. Then with one particular email address, you use at that time. Due to any reason if you forget your password or unable to access your email account.

Now, you have a need to change your email ID and or replace your account registration with another email. At that time you can contact a customer support center via email or sending an official email or might use other contacting ways like by phone or fax.

Follow the below point to change your email id that is associated with PIFRA.

  1. First, search the PIFRA through your search engine.
  2. Go with the first link that direct redirect you on the official page.
  3. Otherwise, enter the direct address www.pifra.gov.pk
  4. Now, open the registration form by the step click on “services” and from the sub-menu go with “Online Salary Slip/Pension Slip”.
  5. At the bottom of the registration form, you will get the fax, phone number, and also an email address.
  6. With customer support, you can discuss your issue in detail.
  7. Or send an email to its official mail in which you have to tell about the issue and changing your email account.
  8. Wait until you get confirm message for again registration.
  9. Then go with new registration with another Gmail and personal ID number.

Contact Information

Here we elaborate each and every information in a very clear manner. If you still have any issue or facing any trouble while PIFRA Salary Slip Registration. Then you can directly ask any query and question to the customer support center through various means. Each and every contact means is very convenient and supportive. You will easily find all the answers to your queries.

PIFRA Email: [email protected]

FAX Number of PIFRA: 0092-51-9107250

Phone Number: 051-9107248

Working Hours: From Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM

Complete Address: PIFRA FABS Directorate, AGPR Complex, G-8/4 Islamabad


What Does Mean BY PIFRA?
PIFRA stands for “Project To Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing”. This is basically an online website that provides the facility to government employees by sending their monthly salary slip online.
How Do I Check Pifra PaySlip?
Everyone who is registered with PIFRA can check their payslip from their email account that is associated with their PIFRA registrations. Just open your email account and check the email that is received by the pifra.
How Can I Register in Pifra?
To get register with pifra is really a great piece of cake. You can easily register just visit the official website. Then go with the registration page. After that fill complete form and confirm your information. In last just click on the submit button and you will be registered with PIFRA. You can also follow our above step by step guide to check the complete process.
Can I Get Duplicate Copy Of Pay Slip?
Obviously yes. If you want to get the duplicate copy of your pay or salary slip. Then just go with the associated email account of PIFRA. Where open the email of that particular month. Now, download the copy and print it.
Monthly Salary Slip Is Not Received In Email?
Don’t be worried about it if you did not receive your email or monthly salary slip. Wait for 1 or 2 days. Because sometimes it takes time. Otherwise, if you not received at all then contact the customer support service through the contact information.
What Is PIFRA Salary Pay Slip?
PIFRA salary payslip is basically a statement or record of your salary that is sent to you by your company employee through PIFRA. That you will get on your email account.


Here in this article, we reveal complete information about PIFRA Salary Slip Registration. With the help of this guideline, everyone would be able to get register with PIFRA Salary Slip and receive their Monthly Salary Slip in your Gmail account. Here you found what PIFRA is and how one gets register with this website through the use of complete information. I hope this information is useful for you all!.